Voice Journaling

Speak your mind, reflect with AI,
boost your mental health

Lid lets you:

Form healthy habits

Transform your daily musings into a path of wellness with Lid. Our AI converts your voice journals into uplifting SoundBites, making self-reflection effortless and enriching. Share, reflect, and let Lid nurture your well-being.

Gather insights

Lid turns your spoken thoughts into insightful echoes of your day. Our AI crafts personalized soundbites, offering a mirror to your emotions and experiences. Speak, reflect, and discover with Lid.

Journal securely and privately

Lid is your private haven for thoughts, guarded securely. With password protection, your voice journals remain your exclusive sanctuary. Express freely in Lid’s secure and private space.

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What is Lid?

Lid is an innovative voice note journaling app that simplifies the process of capturing your daily thoughts and experiences. It uses advanced Al to analyze your voice entries and provides a written summary, identifying key themes from your day.

How does Lid protect my privacy?

Your privacy is our top priority. Lid ensures the security of your journal entries with password protection. The voice recordings are not saved, maintaining the confidentiality of your personal reflections. Additionally, all journal entries require Face ID in order to be accessible.

Can I access Lid on multiple devices?

Currently, Lid is available for iOS devices. You can download and use it on any compatible iOS device with your Apple ID.

How does the ‘Uplifting Soundbite’ feature work?

After recording your daily voice note, Lid’s Al creates a unique ‘Uplifting Soundbite. This feature generates a motivational script, spoken over a relaxing soundscape, tailored to the themes of your daily

What are the benefits of using Lid daily?

Regular use of Lid can enhance mindfulness, provide a quick and easy way to journal on the go, and help in tracking your mood and habits. It’s a tool designed for both self-reflection and motivation.

How does Lid differ from traditional journaling apps?

Unlike conventional journaling apps, Lid focuses on voice notes for journal entries, making the process more spontaneous and natural. Its Al-driven analysis offers personalized summaries and soundbites, enhancing the journaling experience.

Are there any subscription fees or premium features?

Lid is currently offered as a free app with all essential features accessible without additional cost. For those users looking for access to extra features like historical journal access, the ability to export the journal, and more, we have a premium upgrade subscription option available.

How can I track my progress or revisit past entries?

Lid allows you to view summaries of your past entries in a calendar format. You can revisit your entries and see the evolution of your thoughts and feelings over time.

Can I share my journal entries or soundbites with others?

While Lid is primarily a personal journaling tool, we are exploring features for securely sharing your reflections or soundbites if you wish to do so in the future.

What if I need technical support of have feedback?

Our dedicated support team is always here to help! You can reach out via the app or our website contact button above for any technical assistance or to share your valuable feedback.

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