Occasionally, Lid users choose to share their journal and the associated Lid SoundBite*:

Navigating Life’s Ups and Downs

It’s been such a whirlwind recently. Life’s always moving, isn’t it? I’m constantly bouncing between work, social life, and my…
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*Lid Journals and SoundBites are 100% private and never shared unless specifically requested via email and agreement by the user. Unless you email us to tell us to share it, we will never read or share any of your journals.

Lid is a voice journaling app that let’s users easily complete daily journals using just the sound of their voice. No more pen and paper necessary. No more blank screen anxiety. Just open the Lid voice journaling app and dump whatever is on your brain on us. Lid takes your daily brain dumps and organizes them into neatly edited journal entires that you can look back on forever. Tracking how you feel and reflecting on it are key components of what makes journaling scientifically proven to provide so many mental health benefits.

While journaling is great, having someone listen to you and offer personalized reflection on what is on your mind is an amazing thing. But in the world where a trusted friend or therapist is not always available when you want to journal, Lid has created an innovation that takes journaling to the next level. Lid uses AI to offer users a private and fun way to always have a friend’s ear available to listen and to offer you feedback on your journal entry. Our powerfully trained AI takes your spoken journal and offers you thoughtful and personalized feedback through a helpful audio track we call a “SoundBite.”

So, speak your mind, reflect on those thoughts with a Lid SoundBite, and work your way towards a happier state of mind!

If you would like to share one of your journals and SoundBites, please contact us.

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